Swim or Sink: available on Indie It Press (microfiction)

I was delighted to be a winner of Indie It Press’ Napkin Microfiction contest with my piece Swim or Sink. This was yet another story initially written for an early round of NYC Midnight’s microfiction contest. For each round you’re given a genre, a word that must be included in the story, and an action that must be included. The prompt was action/adventure | swimming in an ocean | ‘welcome’

“My arms crack down against the unforgiving, unyielding surface of the ocean as I swim towards safety. I can’t see the shore, but I can see lights from boardwalk casinos and high rises. My north star. 

As children, you and I came to this beach every summer with our families. We dug holes we thought could make it to the other side of the world if we worked for long enough, plucking mole crabs from the safety of their burrows into our sandy buckets. You cried when you realized they’d died.”

Read the rest on Indie It Press 

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